Veterans Face Lethal Health Concerns with Asbestos


A brief look into the past of asbestos use in the 1940’s and early 1970’s produced thousands of products and building materials.  Known as a miracle mineral for it’s outstanding fireproofing and insulating properties, asbestos was produced in just about everything.  Veterans were faced with high volumes of asbestos fibers and ultimately exposure to asbestos.  Approximately 8 percent of the nation’s population represent veterans that served our country.  It is sadly said that 30 percent of all known deaths from mesothelioma are in fact our personnel that served our country.  


All branches of the military have had their share of asbestos exposure during active duty.  Prime candidates were Navy veterans who manned and repaired naval ships in Navy shipyards.  In all branches of service asbestos exposure is still at high risks.  From hundreds of military installations built have been left with asbestos in cement, wall installations, flooring and ceiling tiles, and many other building materials located in Military facilities.  Another high risk for asbestos exposure is in insulation, gaskets and brakes found in thousands of vehicles operated by the Military.   With many enlisted Military personnel conducting asbestos removal in hundreds of mechanical and operation facilities, they are most certainly at a high risk of mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer.  


The VA does treat veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma and asbestosis cancers, but asbestos related cancers are difficult to prove as a  service related disability. Even though veterans can’t sue the government for health hazards that occurred during active duty, they can file claims against the manufactures that produced these asbestos containing products.  


With thousands of claims against asbestos exposure and the companies responsible, veterans have a very good chance of taking legal action and being victorious in an asbestos exposure lawsuit due to a product health liability.  
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